error 1904 when installing cc-modeler

Update: June 2009. The main cause of this problem was a conflict with the ChartFX graphing components. This was resolved in Version 2.1.06  If you are encountering an error1904 when installing an older version of cc-Modeler, first upgrade to the latest version.

The following is excerpted from Microsoft Knowledgebase articles.

When you try to install cc-Modeler from the setup file (CCMInstall.exe), you may receive a Windows Installer error message similar to the following:

Error 1904. Module path & file name failed to register. HRESULT -2147024894. Contact your support personnel.
where path & file name is the specific file name with a complete path to the file.

Your options are to click Cancel, Retry, or Ignore. If you click Cancel, a message appears asking whether you want to quit Setup. If you click Retry, the error message reappears. If you click Ignore, Setup continues. However, then when you start cc-Modeler Pro you will receive a fatal error message


This problem can occur when one of the following conditions is true:

* Other programs, including memory-resident and anti-virus programs, are running and using any version of the file.
* The file is not installed correctly.
* The file is corrupted.


Use one of the following workarounds appropriate for your situation.

Register the File Manually

To register a specific file again in the registry, while you are working in Microsoft Windows, follow these steps:

1. Click Start and then click Run.
2. In the Open box, type the following command, and then click OK

 RegSvr32 "filename" (where filename is the name of the file specified in Error1904. Note the quotes around the filename).

You should receive a message that the file is now correctly registered. If you receive a message that the file is still not registered, try the other workarounds.

Close other running programs

a) Make sure that there are no other programs running, especially anti-virus programs. Use Task Manager (Ctrl/Alt/Del) to end running applications by selecting each one in turn and clicking 'End Task')

Note that we have found that some Cisco applications can cause conflicts when installing cc-Modeler, so ensure that you have closed any of these.

b) Use MSCONFIG to ensure that the computer is running as cleanly as possible. For additional information about how to run MSCONFIG click the link below to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

Empty the Temp Directory

The Temp folder may contain files that are interfering with the installation of cc-Modeler. To remove these files, navigate to the Temp folder, which is usually located in the root folder of the system hard disk (C:\Temp). Display the contents of the Temp folder with details, and delete files that were not created on the current date.